Ukrainian sculptor. At his creative work he combines classic plastic traditions and new art trends, experiments a lot with the shape and material. Over the last decade he has been working on the project “The New Archeology”. The artist considers that in the midst of global environmental crisis art cannot stand aside these problems. The project is dedicated to the current subject of environmental conservation and changes in the environmental consciousness of mankind. According to the author, the exposition is based on geometric compositions of small welded metal elements and multicolored pillars made of compressed debris, reminiscent of ancient temples that we can see by visiting the excavations. This project is a peculiar scaling of global trends in the exhibition space. The time- compressed debris pillars are like a soil cut where you can see the specificity of time. Or maybe these are the huge skyscrapers which invaded our cities. They are constructed on the principle of absolute symmetry. Uncaused and irrational consumption is another aspect of the project. Do people need as much as they “need” to have? Where is the reality, and where is the imposed illusion? The Golden Pyramid is flipped and standing on one peak - this is not a stable position...

Apart from that Nikita creates eco-sculptures that integrate living and inanimate matter, cold metal and wild grapes, which gradually entwines art objects. In his projects he has two goals: the first is to attract artworks to the eco-culture of the present, the second is to try to get the viewers' attention to this range of issues.

The sculptor works on cast acrylic sculptures (projects "EDEN" and "WELKIN"). These are polychrome sculptures that use the latest technology in synthesis with classical techniques. The generalized shapes of the work are accentuated by a polished surface that creates extraordinary depth and richness in color. This homogeneous texture contrasts with the ornamental design of a starry sky, oriental arabesque or a world map that covers elements of a composition like a pattern.

Nikita Zigura has been active in exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. He is the author of many monumental and park sculptures installed in the public space of Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine. He recently collaborated with Yehor Zigura on a sculpture "Unity" installed on the Dnipro Quay in Kiev. The sculpture has already become one of the most visited places in Kyiv.

Solo exhibitions:

2019 | «NewArcheology, MironovaFoundation /Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 | «BIFRONTE» (together with Egor Zigura), Galerie Dominicains, Nice, France

2017 | «BIFRONTE» (together with Egor Zigura), ArtUnity Espacio de artes, Granada, Spain

2017 | «BIFRONTE» (together with Egor Zigura), Triptih-Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 | «BIFRONTE» (together with Egor Zigura), «Alphacentaupi gallery» /Parma, Italy

2015 | «WELKIN» Triptih-Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 | «Double measurement» (together with Egor Zigura), Hetman Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

Art fairs:

2019 |«VOLTA Art Fair» /Basel, Switzerland

2019 |«Kyiv Art Fair 2019» /Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 |«DISCOVERY ART FAIR COLOGNE» /Cologne, Germany

2018 |«Art Marbella/ Modern & Contemporary Art Show» /Marbella, Spain

2017 |«I International Contemporary Art Fair Malaga» /Marbella, Spain


2019 |Auction «Phillips. NEW NOW 2019» /London, Great Britain

2016 |Auction "NOW NEW XXI CENTURY ART», Dom Aukcyjny Rempex /Warsaw, Poland

2012 |Charity Auction "Art for Life", Art Arsenal / Kyiv, Ukraine

Main group exhibitions:

2018 |

«Я SINоптик» AKT, Art Zavod Platforma, Kyiv
"No Package Needed", Transformer National Educational Center / Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 |

Land Response Art Project, CSM M17 / Kyiv, Ukraine
All-Ukrainian Triennial “Sculpture 2017” exhibition Kyiv, Central House of Artist

2016 | 

Social Art Project "Implementing Mission. Art and Business" Kyiv, Contemporary art centre M17 

GOGOLFEST2016 «Sculpture shop. Special Project ”, Platform Platform Art Factory / Kyiv, Ukraine «Time» Exhibition, Golden Gate Museum / Kyiv, Ukraine
IAF Warsaw 2016, «HYPERLINK» / Warsaw, Poland

2015 |

«СORPUSCULUM», Institute of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine Feldman Art Park 2015/ Kharkiv, Ukraine

Large Sculpture Salon, Art Arsenal / Kyiv, Ukraine
Art-twins, T. Shevchenko Museum / Kyiv, Ukraine


2014 | 

All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture, Central House of Artist / Kyiv, Ukraine

«Fire of Love", CSM M17 / Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 | IV Fine Art Ukraine, Art Arsenal / Kyiv, Ukraine
Contemporary Ceramics in the Urban World Festival, Yunist Factory / Kyiv, Ukraine

2012 | 

«GOGOLFEST» Contemporary Art Festival, / Kyiv, Ukraine

Large Sculpture Salon, Art Arsenal / Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 |

«Green Wave», Mystets Gallery / Kyiv, Ukraine
All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture-2011, Central House of the Artist / Kyiv, Ukraine


2010 |

 «Lamp», Gallery / Kyiv, Ukraine

Grand Sculpture Salon 2010, Ukrainian House / Kyiv, Ukraine


2009 |

«Indposhiv», Mystets Gallery / Kyiv, Ukraine
«Always, Never and Forever», Berva Gallery / Kyiv, Ukraine

2008 |

All-Ukrainian Triennial of Sculpture, Central Artist House /Kyiv, Ukraine 

«GOGOLFEST» Contemporary Art Festival, Art Arsenal / Kyiv, Ukraine

2007 |

Spring Art Wind Art Landscape Festival / Kyiv, Ukraine

«GOGOLFEST» Contemporary Art Festival, Art Arsenal / Kyiv, Ukraine

Mounted sculptures:

2020 | Sculpture "Atlant" / Dnipro, Ukraine

2019 | Sculpture «UNITY» /  Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 | Sculpture «R\EVOLUTION» / Dnipro, Ukraine

2015 | Eco-sculpture “Dialog”, Feldman Ecopark, /Kharkiv, Ukraine

2015 | Eco-sculpture “Biosphere”, / Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 | Garden sculpture “Plexus”, / Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 | Monument of aircraft designer Kalinin, / Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 | “New Prometheus” , / Kyiv, Ukraine

2012 | “Stair of knowledge” , / Kyiv, Ukraine

2012 | «Malusha and Volodymyr» received the President of Ukraine grant /Lubech, ukraine

2011 | “Sunrise”, / Cherkasy, Ukraine

2010 | “First step”, / Vita Pochtova, Ukraine

2010 | “Phoenix” , / Dnipro, Ukraine

2009 | Monument to Andrey and Illiya Lyzogub, / Sednev (memorial estate of Lyzogub family)

2009 | “Guest from Zaporizhia”, / Cherkasy, Ukraine